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Types of permanent magnet materials


1, ferrite is a kind of non-metallic magnetic material, also known as magnetic ceramics. If we take apart a traditional radio, the speaker magnet inside, it's ferrite.

2, the magnetic properties of ferrite is not high, the magnetic energy product (one of the parameters to measure the performance of magnets) can only do 4MGOe slightly higher. One of the great advantages of this material is its low price. At present, it is still widely used in many fields.

3, ferrite is ceramic, therefore, the processing performance is similar to ceramic, ferrite magnet, are mold forming, sintering out, if you need to process, only for simple grinding. Because it is difficult to carry out mechanical processing, so ferrite products, most of the shape is simple, and size tolerance is relatively large. The cube shape product is fine and can be ground. Circular, generally grinding only two surfaces. Other dimensional tolerances are given in percentage of nominal dimensions.

4. Because of the wide range of ferrite applications and low prices, many manufacturers will have ready-made rings and squares of conventional shape and size to choose from. Because ferrite is made of ceramic material, there is almost no corrosion problem. The finished product does not require surface treatment such as electroplating or coating.